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FULLER Equip Courses are designed to bring you practical skills and accessible training outside of a traditional degree program. These research-based courses are great for individuals, churches, or organizations looking to increase their teams’ everyday impact.

The Fuller Center for Spiritual Formation is proud to offer some of our best teaching at FULLER Equip.

Life With God, Interrupted


Are you finding it hard to get your balance in this COVID-19 world? Right now, staying physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy seems particularly hard. Through this course, you’ll learn and experiment with practices to reinvigorate times of prayer and introspection. You’ll grow your ability to practice Christian community in digital—and when safe, physical—spaces.

Spiritual Formation Certificate Program

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The Spiritual Formation Certificate Program is a six-course program, designed to develop a working and living knowledge of spiritual formation in your life and for the sake of those that you minister. These courses are meant to engage you in reflection of yourself, connection with your community, and relationship with Jesus Christ. This will culminate in a final project that has direct relevance to your ministry work and spiritual formation.

Re-imagining Prayer   


Prayer is a signature feature of the Christian life. Rather than being evidence of our religiosity, it is our direct line to the Father’s heart. This course will offer practical and revitalizing tools and wisdom from seasoned pastor, spiritual director, and fellow with The Fuller Center for Spiritual Formation, Laura Murray.

Cultivating Fruits of the Spirit


As Christians, we all aspire to embody the fruits of the spirit. But how? Just as fruit needs time to grow and ripen, so too do these fruits need nurturing to develop fully inside of us. This material offers a cultivation process through a combination of devotional reflections, life experience, and biblical study.

Developing Godly Rhythms for Life


Life is fast-paced and exhausting, and something is always seeking your attention. At the end of the day do you find yourself thinking, “How do I want to live so I can be who I want to be?” If so, you’ll learn how to answer this question by creating your own godly rhythms, or Rule of Life.

Forming Spiritual Community


Maintaining a healthy spiritual life is crucial for you as a leader. Beyond your own spiritual well being, cultivating spiritual wellness in your staff and congregation benefits both you as a leader and your broader community. Through the course, you’ll develop and reflect on your Spiritual Formation Plan that you’ll be able to implement in your ministry. 

This course counts towards the Ministry Essentials Certificate.

Learning to Lament       


Have you experienced grief, anger, or depression? Are you unable to connect the promises of God with your lived experience? Prayer is not just the act of thanking God and celebrating blessings. It can also be a space to bare your raw emotions. Through this material you’ll learn about and practice biblical lament, a way to share your pain, trauma, and experiences of oppression with God so that you feel more connected to him, and ultimately more hopeful.

Learn About Our Henry Nouwen Courses

Hear the Voice of Henri Nouwen

5 Course Series

This five-course series invites some of today's gifted devotional writers to explore Henri Nouwen’s most essential teachings.

Each course breaks open Henri’s words and places them in today’s context, offering fresh understanding and insight for both newcomers and longtime followers alike. Now more than ever, the church and the world need a fresh perspective on the transformative power of Christian spirituality.

The Fuller Equip version features videos of Henri teaching on these themes plus handy guides for small group discussion.

This set includes all five courses in the Art of Living series: Identity, God, Love, Suffering, and Freedom. ($30)

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Buy Individual Courses from the Henry Nouwen Series

Identity: Finding Myself in God


This course focuses on helping you find the foundation of your identity in God, as his child through the teachings of Henry Nouwen.

God: Discovering The Divine


This course focuses on helping you awaken to God’s presence through the teachings of Henry Nouwen.

Love: Experiencing Deep Connections


This course focuses on helping you understand more deeply the essence of love through the teachings of Henry Nouwen.

Suffering: Transforming Our Pain


This course focuses on helping you frame your experiences of suffering through the teachings of Henry Nouwen.

Freedom: Finding Peace in Anxious Times


This course focuses on helping you create a foundation of trust and reclaim the gift of freedom through the teachings of Henry Nouwen.