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FULLER Equip Courses are designed to bring you practical skills and accessible training outside of a traditional degree program. These research-based courses are great for individuals, churches, or organizations looking to increase their teams’ everyday impact.

The Fuller Center for Spiritual Formation is proud to offer some of our best teaching at FULLER Equip.

Re-imagining Prayer


Prayer is a signature feature of the Christian life. Rather than being evidence of our religiosity, it is our direct line to the Father’s heart. Yet in the long life of faith, there will be seasons of dryness and dissonance, times when our regular prayer practices feel poorly matched for what we are going through. In these moments—during grief, transition, boredom, and even awe-inspiring wonder—we need ways to reimagine and re-engage prayer. This course will offer practical and revitalizing tools and wisdom from seasoned pastor, spiritual director, and fellow with The Fuller Center for Spiritual Formation, Laura Murray.

Cultivating Fruits of the Spirit


One of the most beloved and challenging passages of Scripture is found in Galatians, “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” (5:22 CEB)

As Christians, we all aspire to embody these. But how? Just as fruit needs time to grow and ripen, so too do these fruits need nurturing to develop fully inside of us. This material offers a cultivation process through a combination of devotional reflections, life experience, and biblical study. You’ll be encouraged to notice, receive, and offer the fruits of the Spirit in your own context.

From Brian Wallace, Executive Director of the Fuller Center for Spiritual Formation.

Developing Godly Rhythms for Life


Life is fast-paced and exhausting, and something is always seeking your attention. At the end of the day do you find yourself thinking, “How do I want to live so I can be who I want to be?” If so, you’ll learn how to answer this question by creating your own godly rhythms, or Rule of Life. Through this content, you can join the many who have found a Rule of Life to be an anchor that gives them strength and freedom to be the people God has called them to be.

From Brian Wallace, Executive Director of the Fuller Center for Spiritual Formation.

Learning to Lament

andy-li-eX921LQD0CI-unsplash (1)

Have you experienced grief, anger, or depression? Are you unable to connect the promises of God with your lived experience? Prayer is not just the act of thanking God and celebrating blessings. It can also be a space to bare your raw emotions. Through this material you’ll learn about and practice biblical lament, a way to share your pain, trauma, and experiences of oppression with God so that you feel more connected to him, and ultimately more hopeful.