Support For Your Group Leaders

Tellis helps you equip leaders to be more confident and spiritually mature.


Trellis is a new training program that helps you support leaders as they grow. Get ready to have life-giving and formative conversations with your leaders!

Trellis helps you train leaders

Invest in Your Leaders

Trellis helps you train leaders

Trellis provides short, engaging, and transformative training for leaders of all experience levels. Each lesson is easy to understand and includes opportunities to practice and reflect on what you've learned.

For a Purpose that Counts

Spiritual formation

Trellis is built on the key insight that Christian leadership development happens alongside personal spiritual growth. Trellis breaks down group leadership into habits of love and service that help participants experience God in new ways and grow as leaders.

Spiritual formation
Group leaders talking

With An Approach That Works

Group leaders talking

Few people become great group leaders by reading a book. The real key is practicing what you’re learning, reflecting on the experience, and talking about it with a friend or coach who knows your context. Trellis supports this proven approach.

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Interested but not ready to commit?

Try out Trellis with your leaders.

#1 Reach out to leaders

Who are two group leaders you've been wanting to invest in?

Reach out to them and ask if they'd like to spend a couple of hours being developed as leaders. Look three weeks out and schedule an hour for the three of you to meet.

Ask them to set aside an hour before you meet to engage the Trellis lessons on their own.

#2 Email them Trellis lessons

Email them any two of the sample lessons for Trellis. We recommend "How to Name the Story" [Download] and "How to Not Shrivel and Die" [Download].

Because these are samples, they will need to email you directly their written reflections. When you join Trellis, the custom QR code in the lesson will give them access to an online form to send their reflections directly to you.

#3 Meet

Here's a discussion guide for your time together. [Download] We hope that you have a fun and life-giving conversation!

Let us hear from you on how it went! If you'd like to see samples of any of the lessons, please let us know.

[email protected]