Support For Your Group Leaders

As you raise up and train the on-the-ground leaders your church needs, you face a daunting challenge! How do you equip them to lead others with confidence and spiritual maturity? We'll partner with you to offer your leaders the formation they need.


Why Trellis?

Are you a pastor over groups? Or a coach for group leaders?

We made Trellis for you because we know how hard it is in today’s world to come alongside group leaders and support them with training and spiritual formation.

Trellis is a new approach to group leader training. It’s designed to set you up to have formative conversations with your leaders to equip them to be healthy and effective for the long haul.

Trellis helps you train leaders

Invest in Your Leaders

Trellis helps you train leaders

With Trellis, your leaders receive engaging and transformative training designed for all experience levels. Each short lesson invites them to practice what they’re learning and share with you their reflections along the way.

For a Purpose that Counts

Spiritual formation

Trellis is built on this key insight: growing as a Christian leader happens alongside growing in our own spiritual formation. Trellis breaks down group leadership into habits of love and service that help participants experience God in new ways and grow as leaders.

Spiritual formation
Group leaders talking

With An Approach That Works

Group leaders talking

Few people become great group leaders by reading a book or listening to a talk. What really works is PRACTICING what they're learning, REFLECTING on the experience, and TALKING about it with a friend or coach who knows their context. Trellis gives you access to content and technology that supports this proven approach.


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