Certificate In Spiritual Formation

Develop a Working & Living Knowledge of Spiritual Formation

Discover the transformative power of spiritual formation as you gain practical knowledge in the foundations, cultural practices, and challenges of Christian formation, equipping you to minister effectively.

The Spiritual Formation Certificate Program is a six-course program, designed to develop a working and living knowledge of spiritual formation in your life and for the sake of those that you minister. These courses are meant to engage you in reflection of yourself, connection with your community, and relationship with Jesus Christ. This will culminate in a final project that has direct relevance to your ministry work and spiritual formation.

Throughout the program, we want to equip you with knowledge and skills in spiritual formation, including its history, your experiences, and practices you can integrate into your life. As you learn more about the spiritual benefits of regular practices and a focus on your own formation, you will learn about spiritual formation through the Bible, historical and cultural practices, and the different rhythms that spiritual formation can take. You will journey through your own experiences, the experiences of others, and new experiences that you can practice with those you lead. You will gain wisdom in ministering and fostering formation in a biblical way, representing the love and connection of Jesus Christ.

If you're asking:

  • How can I learn more and grow in my own formation?
  • What spiritual practices can I introduce to my ministry context and how?
  • How does spiritual formation speak to realities of this age?

If you're observing:

  • Your current spiritual practices are not meeting the demands of your life
  • Spiritual stagnation in your ministry context
  • A desire to grow in greater faith and love


Then the Certificate in Spiritual Formation might be just for you:

This 9-month cohort includes:

  • Fresh content and practices to engage in
  • Reflection, learning, and processing space
  • Tools for your personal formation and the formation of those in your ministry context
  • Fellow learners and a trained guide

Cohorts are:

  • 9 months long
  • entirely online both in learning modules and group calls
  • With 8-10 persons per facilitator
  • With other learners from across the country and world

Church Or Organization Cohorts: 

If you would like to take your organization through this learning cohort, contact us for special pricing and a personalized start date.