Fuller Formation Groups

A formation solution to grow disciples and shape your community.

See how partnering with Fuller Theological Seminary can help you deliver the spiritual formation experience your church is waiting for.

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The Partnership You Need


As former pastors, we know how tiring the job can be when you are stretched thin. That’s why we want to partner with you in spiritual formation—to free you to be the leader you were called to be. We’re offering way more than just another off-the-shelf curriculum. This is on-the-ground partnership between Fuller Theological Seminary and your church, with us bringing our best and you bringing yours.

The Spiritual Formation Your Church Will Love


While books and classrooms can play a part in our spiritual formation, what we long for is nourishing practices that connect us with God and invite us to cultivate meaningful relationships with one another. Busy participants love how the program engages them deeply with an accessible format that can be folded into our already-full lives, usually in just 45-minutes a week.

  • This experience has shaped the way I do discipleship and spiritual formation at my church.

  • My relationship with God had flat-lined over the past five years. This cohort has awakened my capacity to trust God and grow in my relationship to him.

  • Learning these spiritual practices has grounded my faith in a way that I lacked before. My only regret is that this was not part of my life much sooner.

  • This cohort has saved my ministry and my marriage. Without it, we would certainly not have made it.

Shape Your Whole Community


Fuller Formation Groups gather your community into cohorts of a few dozen for a 9-12 month experience of spiritual formation. We lead your first cohort and then support you as you lead the ones that follow. Over time, this establishes a church-wide culture of healthy relationships, clarity of purpose, and renewed patterns of spiritual formation.


Personally Supported at Every Step


At every step, you’ll be personally supported by our team at Fuller, so it’s easy to get started and even easier to grow.  Let’s work together so you can focus on relationships, mentoring, and prayer, while we deliver the content, process, consulting, and supporting technology you need to lead a relationship-centered formation pathway that can impact your whole church.

"Nothing makes us happier than when a participant says, 'I feel so thankful to be so connected to my community and to have had the opportunity for my pastor to invest so richly in my life.'"

Brian Wallace, Executive Director of the Fuller Center For Spiritual Formation