Retreat of Silence

Intentionally Withdraw and Engage More Deeply With Oneself, God, and Others.

The practice of retreat is an invitation to quiet distraction, noise, notifications, and all the voices clamoring for our attention. On retreat, one slows down, to allow the mind, heart, body, and soul to quiet, and to listen.

To listen for and to the Holy Spirit’s welcome into deeper communion with God.

Fuller Theological Seminary
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Through this time and space set aside, you will:

Join others being held in prayer and in hopeful expectation that God will meet you in solitude and silence. We also expect God will meet each of us when we come back together again.

Our hope and prayer is that this time draws you nearer to our God and strengthens you in heart, mind, body, and soul.

Each retreat of silence will include:

  • An online space to slow down and unplug
  • A trained retreat host
  • Spiritual practices for you to engage with and hear God's voice 
  • A community to connect with

Join us for our next Retreat of Silence:

Spots are limited 

Date: June 28,2024

Time: 10:00-1:00pm CST

Price: Free- Donations Accepted

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