The Art of Living

A Devotional Series

Hear the Voice of Henri Nouwen

This five-course series invites some of today's gifted devotional writers to explore Henri Nouwen’s most essential teachings.

Each course breaks open Henri’s words and places them in today’s context, offering fresh understanding and insight for both newcomers and longtime followers alike. Now more than ever, the church and the world need a fresh perspective on the transformative power of Christian spirituality.

These beautiful and engaging courses were created in partnership with Bayard Press and the Henri Nouwen Society.

The Fuller Equip version features videos of Henri teaching on these themes plus handy guides for small group discussion.

Five Course Set

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This set includes all five courses in the Art of Living series: Identity, God, Love, Suffering, and Freedom. ($30)

Identity: Finding Myself In God


Discover the deep peace of recognizing yourself as a treasured child of God.

A wonderful introduction to one of Nouwen’s core teachings, this course is a must for every Christian today. Reflect on the spiritual writings and video of Henri Nouwen teaching as he explores identity and finding ourselves in God.

Author Chris Pritchett, parish pastor and board member of the Henri Nouwen Society, uses Nouwen’s insights on this topic as a springboard into stories from his own life that highlight who we are in God. ($12)

God: Discovering the Divine


As we seek to know and experience God in our lives, Nouwen offers insight and direction for the ultimate discovery.

Finding God is fundamental to our nature as Christians in this world, so it is no wonder that Henri Nouwen reflects in his works on where God can be found and how God finds us. Nouwen’s search for God weaves throughout his writing, ending at the cross.

Author Chris Pritchett invites us to join him in his personal journey discovering the divine, while guiding us through Nouwen’s writings on how we can draw closer to God in Jesus in our own lives. ($12)

Love: Experiencing Deep Connection

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Deepen your connection with God—and with all—by reflecting on the richness of God’s unending love for us.

One of the foundational expressions of Nouwen’s work, themes of God’s tremendous love for us are found throughout his masterful writing and teaching. For Nouwen, love is a path inward, outward and upward, and love is a house in which we dwell with God.

Author Chris Pritchett explores these insights on our Savior’s love and helps us tie them to experiences of love in our own lives. ($12)

Suffering: Transforming Our Pain


Overcoming pain and suffering is one of the great challenges of spiritual growth.

Nouwen urges us to transform our pain into new life in Christ. He wrote and taught extensively on the presence of pain and suffering in the world and insightfully put it in the spiritual context of living with and through it as a Christian. For Nouwen, suffering is a conduit through which faith is revealed.

Through our brokenness, an avenue to the presence of God is formed. Author Marjorie Thomas draws upon Nouwen’s perspective on suffering to help the reader navigate the path of pain—and bring glory to God in the process. ($12)

Freedom: Finding Peace in Anxious Times


Amid anxious times, find freedom in Christ.

No stranger to anxiety, spiritual master Henri Nouwen wrote genuinely about the search for peace and the quest for freedom from our troubled hearts. Nouwen expresses how our sense of security is often found in temporal things, when it should be grounded in the everlasting.

Author Marjorie Thomas follows the lessons Nouwen learned on finding freedom from anxiety helps us to integrate those lessons into a life of deep meaning. ($12)