Advent means “coming” in Latin. In the Christian Calendar, it begins four Sundays before Christmas, roughly the beginning of December.

Advent is meant to be a season of preparation. Yet, as we all know, Advent overlays what is perhaps the most packed month of the year! Every nook is filled with shopping and parties and family and travel. How often do we arrive at Christmas Eve and mark with sadness how difficult it was to prepare our hearts to wonder at the coming of Jesus?

We hope this guide will help you and your community engage Advent afresh.

We invite you to gather with your family, an existing group, or a new group for just this occasion, to open the Scriptures this Advent and delight afresh in the mysteries of anticipation and joy. Gatherings like this to HEAR the Bible read are one of the most ancient Christian spiritual practices. Learn more at PRSI.

He has come! And he will come again!

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