Nurturing and empowering leaders is a core part of the work we do at the Center for Spiritual Formation. We do so by providing a diverse array of opportunities aimed at fostering growth for both individuals and their communities. Among these initiatives is Trellis, a program designed to train and support small group leaders.

Meet Rev. Dr. Ted Ng, a distinguished Trellis Partner affiliated with Faith Community Christian Church in Vancouver, BC. Since joining as a Trellis partner in 2022, Faith Community Christian Church has graciously shared insights into their enriching experience:

“We have found Trellis to be an easy and effective tool in our church. The beauty of this program is in its simplicity. It is easy to set up and track, has good content covering the basic principles, practical application and includes a system for coaching.

It is highly adaptable to different situations and makes room for follow-up and conversation. While Trellis was designed for small group leaders, we have found it useful for training and discipleship in many contexts since small group leadership is a foundational ministry for leadership development. We have run it in cohorts with our eldership and ministry team leaders and will continue to do so in our different ministry training contexts.

Our folks really like how compact the sessions are and how they can fit easily into their schedules. They also found the content insightful and that it spawned further thoughts and exploration both personally and with their coaches. Trellis helped to identify strengths as well as areas of growth for each participant. Past participants also started becoming coaches so there is an aspect of multiplication of leaders as well.” – Rev. Dr. Ted Ng

If you or your church is looking for a way to train and support your small group leaders, learn more about Trellis here. We offer both online and printed training material which we’d be glad to explore more with you. Please let us know how we can come alongside to strengthen and nourish your leaders!

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