Our content and processes are designed around doctoral research on the nature of spiritual practices that cultivate flourishing or well-being in Christian leaders.  Our distinctives encompass this unique orientation.

Formed to Flourish

A Fuller Formation Group is a year-long commitment to establishing patterns of formation within biblical community. Each group consists of 15-20 individuals, but your small group of just four to five provides the most concentrated community of growth. Quarterly retreats, monthly cohort video calls, and short weekly spiritual exercises will provide a refreshing, flexible structure to revisit, name, and strengthen your unique purpose in the kingdom of God.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

The Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation honors the diverse contexts and communities that belong to various churches, mission institutions, schools, and denominations nationwide. For this reason, in our church and institutional partnerships we work to understand your unique needs and group culture, so that we can contextualize the customizable elements within our core program, Fuller Formation Groups.

Transformation Through Process

Jesus calls all disciples to be formed into his image by spiritual practice over time.  Transformation is possible and includes much more than the accumulation of information – but also required embodied practice, reflection, and relationships.

Rhythms of Formation

Rhythms of Formation

Using technology enables us to equip or train our people without them needing to come to our buildings each week or each month.  It enables leaders to form their people in a way that is deeply relational while keeping people in the spaces God has already called them to live out the Gospel – their families, neighborhoods, churches, and work places.  Participants are guided through a process of learning, practice, reflection and relationship utilizing the Fuller Leadership Platform.