This month was the 3-year anniversary of COVID-19 being declared as a national pandemic. Now more than ever we hold the complexity of our ever changing world. Our partners at the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) not only understand the complexity, but strive to bring people closer to God in the midst of it.

What a privilege it has been for us to engage and implement Fuller Formation Groups with NAE starting in 2022!

Toni Kim, NAE’s Director of Spiritual Care, shared that part of their decision to engage in Fuller Formation Groups was to continue finding fresh ways for their members to deeply connect with God and with others.

NAE’s current Formation Groups cohort is made up of 26 diverse female leaders from around the US. These women have blazed a trail in ministry. Now, through Fuller Formation Groups, they get a chance to be with one another as they continue their work.

Toni shared that the decision to bring Fuller Formation Groups to NAE was an easy one. After she went through one herself, she noticed the immense space that it created for people to be fully themselves while drawing near to God.

At the start of Formation Groups, you can see that everyone comes in a little bit tense, a little bit weary, and a little bit heavy laden. But at the end of our time together, you can actually see in their bodies that they find rest for their souls.”

Hear more of Toni’s experiences in the video below.

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